Janmashtami Celebration

In the beautifully decorated premises of Kothari Starz today, the tiny tots from two classes came dressed as adorable little Radhas and Krishnas. They danced to the tune of 'Hey Krishna', which was also the first stage performance for most of these children.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

We began this festive season with Raksha bandhan celebrations. As we do for all Indian festivals, we explained the significance of raksha bandhan to the children. Dressed in traditional attire they made bright and colourful rakhis in their files.

Friendship Day Celebration

The best relationships in life start off with friendship first!
Our little Starz have made their first set of school friends here. This friendship day we got them to celebrate their new friendship by tying a band around their friends' wrist.

Birthday Celebration

They Sang
They Danced
They Clapped
At the birthday Celebration of the month!
The birthday celebration has always been a fun-filled event as little children rejoice a playful time with their endearing classmates. They cut their favourite cake and were thrilled to receive enormous blessings and love from their affectionate teachers. This was an excellent opportunity to our starz to share the year’s best day with their friends, the delightful event developed a reservoir of exciting memories of togetherness.

Splash Pool Party

Red color day celebration

Red is the warmest of all colours. It symbolizes love, life and vitality. Red is also the colour of power and courage. The children enjoyed the day by doing fun activities related to red colour.

Mother's Day Activity

World Earth day Celebration

Children celebrated the World Earth Day with great aplomb and enthusiasm in the school premises. They were told about the importance of this day and were encouraged to water plant daily.

Jungle Theme