Kothari Starz Best Play School in Sector 50 Noida

Envisaged by the vision of Shri Deepak Kothari, Kothari Starz is a premier world class early education and care center. Founded in 2016to cater to the growing needs for parental support in caring their young while the parents are away at work. The four driving principles are age appropriate learning, safety,comfort care and hygiene.

Our Philosophy is based on our belief that children develop and learn in sequential stages by being actively involved in their environment. We provide an enriched environment that furnishes materials that can be used according to a child's developmental level. We encourage free choice in order to foster independence and develop confident and competent children.

We intensely focus on
Our curriculum framework integrates developmentally appropriate learning into children's play; implement child-directed and teacher-guided activities; plan environments, interactions, routines, and materials that engage children in learning.
  • Providing a safe place.
  • Getting the child ready for post pre schooling.

We individualize curriculum based on children's knowledge, skills, needs and interests focusing on the following learning domains:

  • Social-emotional development,
  • English-language development,
  • Number sense,
  • Visual and performing arts and
  • Physical development, and health.
  • Children are first – always
  • Be Safe and Healthy
  • Be Creative
  • Respect – the winner